Collage Workshop with the Zumba Ladies on Monday, July 23.

Michelle and I have been getting our cardiovascular exercise thanks to an energetic and enthusiastic group of ladies, who we collectively like to refer to as ‘The Zumba Ladies.’¬†They invited us to their tri-weekly Zumba class, (led by Teresa) and we decided to take them up on that offer. Michelle and I had never done Zumba before, but after working out with this group a few times, we may become brave enough to venture into the ‘high-impact’ circle any day now… or any month now. Here are some pictures of the collage workshop we conducted after class with our favorite exercise crew.

Still in exercise gear and getting in a quick snack, Michelle and Monsie discuss what we will do with our surfaces during this workshop.

Here are the black and white images of Arvin we had xerox transferred two weeks ago.

Here I am explaining the procedure.

First, Martha copies her original color photos onto iron-on transfer paper.

Then, with iron at the right temperature setting, we turned images face down at the desired spots and ironed with firm pressure for at least 60 seconds. (longer if the images were larger)

Here is Teresa’s canvas after she finished adhering her personal images of life and family in Arvin.

Monsie designs and adds symbols and shapes to enhance the stories she presents on her canvas.

A detail of Monsie’s canvas

A detail of Teresa’s canvas

Detail of Martha’s canvas