Wishing for a Healthier Community


Last Saturday at the South Kern Arts and Culture Festival in Weedpatch, we asked participants to imagine what would improve the quality of life and health in their community. After drawing and writing their wishes on a flag, they planted them in our Wishing Flag garden under the shade of a nearby tree. At the end of the day, community members planted over a hundred wishes. Here are some of them.

Wishing for more trees

Wishing to live better

Wishing for less fertilizer use

Wishing for healthy foods

Wishing for farmers market produce

Wishing for a health center

Wishing to recycle clothes and shoes

Wishing to go green

Wishing for Ice Cream

Getting ready to plant a wish

Joining the Wishing Flag Garden

An ant’s eye view


At the Family Resource Center

The Arvin Family Resource Center provides valuable support to parents, children, and other community members. We are fortunate to be working with more warm and generous people. Last Friday, Michelle and I arrived with snacks and supplies, and gathered more story triangles for our imminent sculpture piece. Here are some pictures of participants’ work. We will definitely be back at the Family Resource Center again soon.

Amalia is ironing her image transfers

A family composition in process

Michelle and Kari do some image adjustments

Daisy helps her mother with their family story

Collaging images of day to day life

Our youngest participant is full of great ideas

Leon-Perez Family