New Project for 2013: 1000 Wildflowers and the Women of Arvin

Update: 3-D Collage with Arvin Residents

In this new year, we intend to wrap up our inaugural project in Arvin. Hataya and Michelle have spent a good part of last year acquainting ourselves with community members and holding workshops. We especially thank the Arvin Family Resource Center, Margarita Perez, and the ‘Zumba Women.’ We also thank the Arts Council of Kern, The California Endowment, Kari Heilman, Laura Wolfe, and Jeanette Richardson Parks. Below is one concept sketch of our 3-D collage, featuring pieces made by community members, which we plan to install during March or early April. The installation will be a community event.


New Project:  1000 Wildflowers and the Women of Arvin, California


A guide to the region’s wildflowers published by Howard K. Dickson, 1963.

Additionally, Michelle and Hataya are proud to announce that we have received funding to begin a new project in Arvin, entitled 1000 Wildflowers and the Women of Arvin, California. This project will recall Arvin’s lost wildflowers while also attempting to examine the community’s history of female migration and labor. ¬†This project is been funded by a Faculty Enrichment Grant from Samsung Corporation and the Art Center College of Design.